Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Features of VFP8 I'd like to start using in my apps

I can hear you all laughing now! VFP8? you say, that's an old version of VFP already, shouldn't you be discussing features of VFP9?

Yes, I will probably make a post about VFP9 features someday, but for now a little story..

One day I decided to really read carefully through the What's New section of the VFP8 help and was shocked to find that there were several features I hadn't seen mentioned before. I had read up quite a bit on VFP8 prior to it's release in all the magazines so I thought I knew everything about the product.

So I decided to make myself a list of some of these new features that I thought would be great to start adding into my applications. Keep in mind, I've already been using the 'headline' new features such as try/catch and other big features for quite some time, so I obviously won't be mentioning those here. Here's the list I came up with - hopefully you'll find it useful for your applications too!

In no particular order:
1) Internal support for hand icon - no need for an external icon file for hyperlink class
2) BindControls Property for runtime
3) COMPOBJ() function to compare objects
5) DisplayPath() for showing long paths with ...
6) EVL() - Same as NVL() for Nulls

You can read up about these in the VFP8 help file for the real details.

If there's others you like, feel free to comment!


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